Advertise with us!

Advertise with us!

Are you looking for a place to advertise your site/business/product? Then, if you believe our target audience may be suitable for your business too, contact us! can turn out to be your ideal advertising partner!

You can easily advertise with us. Here are some of our pricing plans, but if you have other needs, please Contact Us and we’ll reply as soon as possible. Thanks!

advertise with us

Option 1: Banner

Everything is a snap with Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Send us your article (It has to be Gambling/Poker/Casino-related)

Step 2: Can we have a banner on your site?  (Please tell us the size)

Step 3: Enjoy a fruitful partnership!

Option 2: Article

Have an article published on your favorite site –


Send us your article for review

The article should be unique

The article should have more than 500 words

It should be Poker/Gambling/Casino-related


$500/year for a sticky article with a link

$300/year for a regular, non-sticky article with a link

Option 3: Link

$180/year for a site-wide text link (footer or sidebar)

$250/year for contextual links


PS: You can always contact us. We’re here for you!
We’re always looking to explore new partnerships, so send us your proposal.
We promise, you’ll love advertising with us!

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