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poker guide 2016

The Ultimate Poker Guide 2016

Are you looking to play poker this year? Well, then you must certainly read this Poker Guide for 2016. Enjoy!

A top Online Poker Guide

Here are some top tips and tricks you could use this year:

Be Patient

This is probably the most important skill while playing any type of poker. But what about the penny tables? Many poker players who choose to spend their time at these tables play every hand since it is so cheap. Just because it is cheap to see the flop, it doesn’t mean you are not losing money. Again, you are here to have fun and enjoy ever hand you play, but don’t be reckless. If you play almost every hand, you might get lucky once in a while, but you will end up losing more money than you make. How much do you intend to spend? Set yourself limits!

Don’t play every hand

Like previously mentioned, don’t play every hand you get. Of course, play the premium hands like AA, KK, and AK, and of course, fold hands like 7 2. You might want to give a look at A9s and below. The main focus with these types of hands is to see the flop as cheap as possible. Try not to call any raises with hands like these.

Moreover, play high suited connectors, like 89s. But, try not to call raises with these hands. With such low blinds, you will be able to play more hands, but don’t play too many and don’t call any large raises with hands that aren’t the best.

Finally, try to play almost all pocket pairs. A lot of people don’t really like playing hands like pocket 2s, but at low stakes, give them a shot at a cheap flop. Of course, like all moderate hands, don’t call and don’t make large guide tips

Bet, raise or fold

Don’t be afraid to bet large, but really try not to bet large without a very good hand. The best way to play is to not raise preflop with many hands at all. Usually don’t raise with pocket pairs of 9s or lower. This is because you don’t really want to be putting in more money than necessary before the flop.

If you feel you have the best hand, continually raise your bets after each round. This makes your hand seem even stronger. Don’t be afraid to bet, raise, or fold. Remember, you are never pot committed until you are all-in. You can always fold and wait for another hand.

Don’t be afraid to observe

Study your opponents; here this is really essential. You need to know how you opponents play. Take notes!

If you play a fair amount of poker at the same type of tables, you will see players more than once. It is useful to review quick notes when you see a player at your table that you know. Again, study your opponents. The way they bet is the greatest tell!

Some, not all, of course, bet the same way with basically the same types of hands. In no limit, it is much easier to see the bets. Some players will bluff the flop a lot. Usually, these bluffs are big bets, maybe 4BB. These players will do this over and over again.

Usually, if a player has a good hand, they will continually raise their bets. If you feel you have a good read on this player, an over the top bet could be a good bluff. Of course, if the player calls a large bluff or reraises, you should back off and either fold or check if possible.

Calling and Chasing

Calling and chasing are the two things that eat away your money. First of all, don’t call with a low or middle pair. These hands will almost always lose and they will just eat up your money. Unless you feel your opponents are very weak and your small pair is the best, fold it. Try not to call large raises preflop (like a 5BB raise).

Also, don’t call with just high cards. AK seems like a good hand before the flop, but if the flop comes all low cards, you are probably beat. If there is some betting going on, don’t call hoping that you will hit one of your high cards. Fold it and save your money…

All in all, there are many tips and tricks you could learn before you can achieve success in poker. So, stay tuned for more Poker Guide Articles!

Remember: Poker should be played responsibly and just for fun! So, let’s enjoy poker!

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