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Matt Damon poker

Matt Damon Poker: Celebrity Poker Players

Matt Damon Poker passion… Media shows that Matt loves playing poker, so much that he’s one of the most well-known celebrity poker players. Since starring in the 1998 film Rounders, Matt Damon has been seen as a master of high-stakes poker. But was he really?

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different, Matt Damon seems to lose more than he wins. His live tournament earnings got only to a total of about $14,500, although he did fair decently in the 2008 and 2010 Series. What’s more – his acting skills have inspired many people to become professional poker players.

But let’s study the topic a little bit more…

Matt Damon poker career summary

Matt Damon has been playing poker for years and trained heavily to star in the 1998 film Rounders where he is a poker player. He reportedly paid as much as $25,000 to train and learn as much as he could about poker for the role in the film.

Damon enjoys playing poker mostly at private tables, although he has taken part in a couple of tournaments, winning almost $14,500 in his entire poker career.

It’s pretty clear that Damon plays poker as a hobby, not as a profession. That’s probably why Damon has been able to enjoy poker so much… This was clearly not his income and thus, he managed to get over the losses a lot easier.

Matt Damon poker story!

By watching Matt Damon’s behaviour when he plays poker, we can draw a pretty good picture of his poker strategy. In many games, Damon has looked uncomfortable at the start, even when the pot was small. If you’re playing against an opponent who is acting strangely at the beginning of a hand, you should probably take note of it and ask yourself, “Why are they behaving this way?”.

Damon has also been known to give an ‘unfocused look’ at the board followed by an apparent disinterest, to try and fool his fellow opponents into thinking he’s got nothing to worry about, e.g. that he has the upper hand.

What did critics say about his behaviour? Physical looseness is another indicator at Matt. Generally a sign of lack of anxiety, you can tell what a player is thinking right at that moment based on this. Even though Damon tries to act like he’s scared, his head and arm movements are loose, giving away the fact he’s actually not worried at all. Tricky right?

Watch Matt Damon poker playing

Matt Damon Poker World Series 2009

Matt Damon poker playing in Rounders

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Matt Damon’s profile on

Matt Damon profile on

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