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Online Poker Safe

Is Online Poker Safe?

Online poker safe or not? There are many players out there thinking a lot about this question. Therefore, let’s study the topic together and find quick answers!

Online Poker is an established business with many large companies offering online poker games. 888poker started in 2002 and is still trading as one of the largest online poker sites.

Today, the vast majority of the largest casinos, bookmakers and betting companies offer online poker, giving players worldwide plenty of choice when searching for a safe online poker site.

One of the key concerns of most online poker players is safety, and it is often questioned “Is Online Poker Safe?“.

We have researched the current online poker market, to find out what the major concerns are amongst players, to find out if online poker is really safe in 2015.

Top Tips for Safe Online Poker

  1. Use a well-known and trusted poker site
  2. Research a site while you sign up for an account
  3. Use a secure password for your online account, and don’t the same password you use for any other sites
  4. Don’t reveal your real-life identity, physical address or any other personal information to any online players
  5. Use a site which promotes responsible gambling and refers to its regulation membership number
  6. Use a poker site which is operated by a company with a licence to operate in online gambling. Sites operating without a licence are illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Poker Safety

1. Will my Money disappear?

When it comes to your deposits in online accounts, one of the main concerns is whether or not deposit money can disappear when it’s sitting in an online poker account. In theory, it is possible. Realistically, it is very rare for this to occur. Trusted sites use encryption, have SSL certificates, and your funds should only be accessible by yourself. Most gambling companies take this very seriously, so much that they keep deposit funds in separate accounts to the ones they use to operate their business.

Use a trusted poker site to ensure your money is safe. All of the sites referred to and linked to from Poker Expert Guide have been verified and reviewed by us. We’ve tried them all, so that you can find the best and most trusted one. You can usually tell a trusted site by:

  • How many players use the site – the most trusted sites have the most players
  • A poker site that embraces responsible gambling
  • A site that is regulated and refers to its regulation membership number
  • How long the site has been running for. Some sites have been going a long time, like 888poker which launched in 2002.

2. Can My Money Be Stolen?

If you are using a trusted and secure site, your money should not be stolen. If your account was hacked, it is possible that someone else could gain access to your funds, but they wouldn’t be able to easily withdrawal them to their own bank account. The trusted poker sites take many measures to ensure that player’s deposits and winnings are kept safe. As with any website, you should use the strongest password possible for your site. We recommend using a strong password generator which will you give you a secure password that you can use for your online poker account.

3. How Are the Online Poker Sites Regulated?

Regulation is constantly changing, but legislation is stronger than ever in most countries to try and limit what online poker sites can and can’t do.

In the United Kingdom, poker sites are regulated by the Gambling Commission. The UK also passed the Gambling Act 2005.

In the United States, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006.

In Australia, the industry is regulated by both territory and state authorities.

4. Can an Online Poker Site Keep my Winnings?

No. If you have winnings to withdraw, the winnings belong to you. While it might be difficult to withdraw money if the company is deliberately withholding it illegitimately, they cannot legally retain your winnings. Sites that try to scam their customers typically don’t last long, and our list of blacklisted poker sites to avoid reveals the worst offenders.

5. What if there is a Scandal, How am I protected?

The online poker industry in the US has had its fair share of scandals. The entire situation resulted in a better industry, one that is better regulated, more ethical and safer.

If you do deposit your funds to a poker site, it should be understood that it is a form of gambling and so there is always a risk involved. However the risk is not dissimilar to trusting a bank or any other company with your money.

You can protect yourself by using a trusted poker site, and avoiding the lesser known sites.

6. Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?

Poker sites use ever-more secure and sophisticated software to ensure that cheating is less common. The most trusted sites are constantly improving their techniques to combat those who try to cheat the system. The larger sites take great measures and employ large numbers of staff to cut down on players who aren’t playing by the rules. It is in the direct interest of the poker sites to ensure the games are safe, and that they combat cheating to maintain the trust of their brands.

Like any software, online poker works how the programmer intended it to. It’s up to you to use the sites that are legitimate and not scamming their customers. The largest sites are so popular, that if there was any massive scale rigging going on, it would have been seen and exposed by now.

Conclusion: “Is Online Poker Safe?”

The general consensus is that, yes, online poker is safe. Whilst there have been scandals in the past, current legislation is in place to stop it happening again. The current industry is well regulated and all online poker sites are regulated and must hold licences in order to offer online poker to players.

It’s important to stay wise about which sites you decide to use, and to use common sense and general good practice when it comes to online safety when playing poker.

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