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Passive or aggressive poker players?

We’ve all heard the terms loose-aggressive, tight-passive, calling station or tight-aggressive poker players. But do we really know what all these terms mean? Which style should you choose? Just take a look down below, because today we’ll be clarifying everything for you.

So how can we make the difference between all these player styles? Well, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • An aggressive player = raises or bets more often than he/she calls
  • A passive player = calls more often than he/she places the bets
  • A calling station = The players who constantly call the bets, but hardly ever raise the bet. This term is a pejorative one.
  • The loose-aggressive player, or otherwise called LAG, is the opposite of the tight-aggressive player. The LAG will play most hands, aggressively no matter how many chips are at stake. Although, some find this game style relaxing, don’t try to adopt it as it will most likely cost you a lot of money.

The most popular game styles of poker players

If this seems easy now, let’s get more in-depth with the 2 most popular poker styles.

A tight-passive Poker Player:

  • He/she is a conservative player
  • He/she only raises when they have high chances to win the pot
  • Otherwise, they call
  • Thus, they limit the losses
  • They are usually predictable players
  • They can lose many opportunities to win more chips


Don’t let that cautious attitude keep you away from winning. Try not to over-exaggerate and keep in mind that timing is everything.

A tight-aggressive Poker Player:

  • He/she takes all measures to win, while still playing aggressively
  • He/she bets only on their best hands
  • This game style is thought to be among the most successful ones
  • He/she folds most of the times
  • Sometimes it can be perceived as an ABC way of playing
  • Most of the times this game style pays off
  • Most pro poker players adopt this game style


Even though you need to have a lot of patience as a tight-aggressive poker player, you’ll get the grip on things after a while. So, if you’re looking for a safe way to win more chips, study more closely this game style because it might just turn out to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Any similarities?

Both types of players, the tight-passive and the tight-aggressive players choose the hands to play attentively. They don’t take unnecessary risks and they have a lot of patience with the hands they choose to play. The main difference, however, is how they choose to play the game. One will only bet and raise when he/she is positive they can win, while the other prefers to let his/her opponents do most of the work for them – that is to say the tight-passive leaves his/her competitors to place their bets while he/she only calls.

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Which style should you choose?

The best answer would be – to keep your style in the middle, or switch from now and then from one style to another. Thus, keep yourself unpredictable and maximize your chances of success.

Keep in mind – to win in poker, you need a good strategy and a game style appropriate to your goals and competitors too. So, choose yours wisely!

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