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Poker Betting Essentials

There is no way to play poker without mastering some betting strategies. The value of your bet is essential and choosing the right type of bet at the right moment can improve your winning rate significantly. So, what should you know about poker betting? What types of bets should you use? We’ll be answering these questions and many others. Just take a look down below and get inspired!

Top betting strategies to master!

The 3-bet Strategy

Have you ever heard of the terms ‘ the 3-bet’? If not, you probably just don’t know it by name. The 3-bet is when a player raises and then someone re-raises the bet. Let’s make things a little bit clearer:

The first bet = The blinds

The second bet = The Initial Raise

The third-bet = The re-raise

How can we interpret the 3-bet?

Well, if you raise the bet and then someone else comes and re-raises the bet, the main message that your opponent wants to send is that he/she has a strong hand and they will do everything to win the pot. But is this really true? Well, not always, just think about bluffing.

What tells should you notice?

To make sure that you take the right decision after someone re-raises you have to pay attention to the following things:

  • What was your opponent’s game style up tot that moment? Aggressive/passive or just a newbie?
  • Did his/her mood change when he/she received the cards?
  • What does your gut feeling tell you?

By answering these questions, you’ll have at least a starting point for your next move. A fact is certain – by mastering the 3-bet technique you’ll significantly improve your chances of success, so good luck! Word to the wise: Don’t forget to analyze the implied odds too.

The Value Bet

One of the most common bets, but one of the hardest ones, at the same time, is the Value Bet. The Value Bet is the bet you make when you are positive you’re going to win the pot with your hand, but still want to  make your opponents increase the size of the pot too.

So, how should you do it right? Firstly, try not to scare off your opponents with your bet, secondly continue to play the game as you did up to this point and keep a low profile too. If your opponents still believe they have chances of success, then your value bet will pay off.

The Test Bet

Poker is a game where you have to risk your chips by anticipating your opponents’ next moves or cards. But how can you do that if you’re not aware of their cards? Well, by placing a test bet. Specialists call it a test bet because you’re actually confirming your initial supposition; you force your opponents to fold, raise or call. Depending on their reaction you know what to do next. Awesome, right?

The Slow Play trap

This bet is the opposite of bluffing; otherwise said, the slow play bet is when you make an all-out effort for your competitors to believe you have a weak hand, while you actually have a strong hand that will make you a winner. Although this bet is quite risky, you can attempt this technique only when you know you have a strong hand. Why is this strategy so important? To make your opponents risk some chips they wouldn’t have played otherwise.

All in all, the more you start reading about poker, the more chances you have to discover some strategies that can improve your winning performance. Analyze these betting strategies and use them accordingly. Remember – Poker is a game that requires continuous learning!

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