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What do poker tells really mean?

Let’s find out some simple poker tells you can immediately spot and turn them in your own favor. As ambiguous as this topic might seem at the beginning, after reading this article you’ll surely have more chances to interpret the poker tells of your opponents correctly.

Obvious poker tells you have to notice

Check out these poker tells and you’ll find it a lot easier to know what decision to take the next time you play poker! You have probably seen them by now, but didn’t know that they really mean. Secrets revealed right here. Enjoy!


Poker Tell No. 1: Glancing at the chips

The story is this one: you notice a player who glances at his/her chips immediately after seeing his/her cards. What could this mean? This poker tell is definitely an obvious one – he/she has great cards and they’re planning to raise and bet a lot. The explanation – they need to know how many chips they have, to know how to play their chances right.

Poker Tell No. 2: Sudden interest

Was one of your competitors ‘dormant’ and after receiving his/her cards, immediately revived to action? If your answer is yes, then you should know they now have a great hand and they’re willing to risk everything to win. If you believe you cannot stand a chance in front of their next bet it’s always better to take one step back. They have an interest in the game for one strong reason…

Poker Tell No. 3: Staring at the player in turn to act

In an attempt to appear confident, some players might just do too much and therefore offer you valuable info. If you spot a player who is constantly staring at the other players, either he/she is a novice, or he/she is trying to appear in control of the game. No matter from what point of view you see this issue from, you should know there are pretty good chances they don’t have a strong hand.

Poker Tell No. 4: Unusual trembling hands

Usually, the novice players have shaking hands all the time no matter how hard they’re trying to deny it. However, if we’re talking about a different stage of the game where you meet skilled players – the story definitely chances. Noticing the shaking hands at a top level only means that particular player has a great hand and desperately tries to mask his/her feelings. Try to stay away if you don’t want to lose your chips fast.

Poker Tell No. 5: Not having patience

Well, this poker tell is a common one. You know that player who is trying to speed up the game? Well, he/she has a burning desire to finish the game and take the big pot, and they have strong reasons to believe they’ll be the winners if you know what I mean…

Spotting these poker tells can definitely increase your chances to become a winner during the next poker session or at least save you from losing chips. Pay attention to your competitors’ gestures and behaviors and thus, know how to adapt your approach.

Your strategy makes your luck!

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