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Professional gambling terms explained!

You have probably already come across different types of abbreviations or professional poker terms such as UTG or TAG. Therefore, I thought about a list of poker terms that can turn out to be useful for you. Why? To better understand the professional gambling industry together with the different articles you browse through when trying to document yourself.

Poker abbreviations made clear

Take a look at some of the poker phrases you’ll most likely run into once playing poker. This is what some may call poker slang terms. Apart from a top poker strategy or other essential skills, you’ll also have to be able to comprehend the terms used in the game. Our list of poker slang will help you with this.

Hint: An essential part of your learning strategy is to be able to understand what you actually read. If some of the terms are obvious, some might be a challenge to fully understand. So, make sure you are aware of these common terms. This way, you won’t get lost among essential details.

Professional gambling terms you must understand

These terms are part of the basic poker terminology. We’ll get back with some more. Enjoy!

TAG: Tight-aggressive player

LAG: Loose-aggressive player

LAP: Loose-passive player. Typically a fish

BB: Big blind

SB: Small blind

CO: Cutoff. The seat directly to the right of the button

UTG: Under the gun. The first player to act preflop, directly to the left of the BB

OTB: On the Button

PF: Preflop

PFR: Preflop raise or preflop raiser

Aggro: Aggressive

PP: Pocket pair

SC: Suited connector

HH: Hand history

PSB: Pot-sized bet

PSR: Pot-Sized Raise

FPS: Fancy play syndrome

PTBB: Poker Tracker Big Blind = 2xBB

CB: Continuation Bet. A bet made on the flop by the pre-flop raiser. Very often a bluff

TPTK: Top pair, Top Kicker

TPGK: Top Pair, Good Kicker

TPNK: Top Pair, No Kicker

FE: Fold Equity – The chance of a bet/raise taking down the pot.

MHIG – My Hand Is Good

MHING – My Hand Is No Good

ATC/A2C – Any Two Cards

OP : Original Post(er)

FR: Full-Ring

PT: Poker Tracker

VPIP – voluntarily put money in the pot

AF – aggression factor

Villian is 24/10/3(98)- Pokertracker stats indicating VPIP/PFR%/AF (with preflop aggression taken out) over 98 hands

Donk Bet: To bet into an opponent, without the initiative

Stop and Go: To call a bet or raise on one round, and lead the next street. Same as Donk Bet

Stack-a-Donk: Raise PF, Lead flop, Check/Raise turn all in with a good hand. Typically, an overpair

3-Bet: A re-raise

4-Bet: A re-raise of a 3-bet

Float: To call on one street with the intention of bluffing/taking the pot away on a future street, with little or no outs

Nit: A Weak-Tight Player


If you ever feel overwhelmed by the large number of poker phrases out there, then check this article again. By reading the above glossary of professional gambling terms you’ll be one step closer to creating your own successful strategy . Never be intimated by abbreviations you don’t understand. Save this article for further updates too.

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