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Top 10 best poker players you have to know!

Everyone has their own favorite poker players, but do you know what? There are some names that just seem to be common for many poker enthusiasts. Who are the best poker players worldwide? How was 2016 for them? Let’s check our list with the best poker players out there… Let us know if you agree or if you have any other suggestions!

Winning millions from poker tournaments is definitely something not everyone can achieve. But there are genuine examples of gamblers out there who dedicate their time and skills to doing this. Let’s see how players got their millions and fame.

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Here are the top 10 celebrity poker players made by PokerTube:

The best poker players worldwide

Now let’s talk about real gamblers who made their way to success by following their passion and interest for poker games.

  1. Daniel Negreanu

Known by the nickname – Kid Poker, there’s no doubt that Daniel Negreanu is part of any top that talks about the best poker players out there. Not only that he is famous for his success in poker, but he actually made a fortune with his passion. His skills and determination helped him obtain 6 WSOP bracelets and more than 35 1st places in poker tournaments. His favorite game is said to be Omaha 8 N/L.

  1. Phil Ivey

You’ve probably heard about him too. If not, these nicknames should ring a bell – The Tiger Woods of Poker / No Home Jerome. Phil Ivey also made a pretty penny from playing poker, with more than $20 million in his bank accounts. Amazing, right?

  1. Phil Hellmuth Jr.

Phil is known in the poker world by the nickname – The Poker Brat. Undoubtedly he deserves a special place in our top 10 best poker players in the world. Even though the exact net worth is not known, the media estimates that his total winnings overpass $16 million. His favorite game – Texas Hold’em.

  1. Annie Duke

Annie is known as the Duchess of Poker, and there is no wonder why. She is a pro poker player, philanthropist and writer too. She shocked the world of pro poker players in 2004 when she won a WSOP Poker bracelet.

  1. Dan Bilzerian

Apart from his passion for poker, Dan Bilzerian is also known for his extravagant lifestyle, involving guns, cars and women. He made millions from poker tournaments because of his unique way of playing the cards and taking risks.

More Poker Players that can inspire you!

  1. Daniel Colman

Even though he doesn’t have the same amount of popularity like the rest of the players from this top, Daniel Colman has been a surprise for so many. He is said to have made more than $300,000 from poker tournaments. Study his way of dealing the cards and pick the things that can help you win too.

  1. Antonio Esfandiari

His nickname says it all – The Magician. But do you know what brought him his nickname? Before playing poker, this Iranian-born player has been a magician. When playing poker, he deals with stressful situations with courage and perseverance and often takes his competitors by surprise. His favorite game is Texas Hold’em and his net worth is believed to get up to $23 million.

  1. Sam Trickett

This British player has occupied the 1st place in 8 poker tournaments so far, but Sam is sure to promise a lot more. His total winnings are said to get close to $16 million, made in live poker tournaments.

  1. Erik Seidel

He started his poker career and achieved success before the internet boom. He is one of the players that just knows how to play and how to turn the odds in his favor. Before playing poker at a pro level, he tried to make money from stock. As things didn’t go the way he planned, he tried making money from his passion – poker. And guess what- so far, he’s made more than $41 million.

  1. Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Duhamel is also part of our top for several reasons. His talent, skills and strategy can inspire everyone who watches him. His worth is said to get up to $17 million. Impressive, right?

All in all, there are many poker players out there that just made history and that prove that money can be made from playing poker. Tell us your opinion about our Top 10 Best Poker Players and give us more recommendations. We’re eager to find out your opinion!

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