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Top 10 Winning Poker Hands

Here’s a quick guide to the ten best winning poker hands for Texas Hold’em Poker. If you want to improve your poker game, you surely need to read this. Are you a bit confused? Don’t be! We’re here to help and discover together valuable info that will make you win more often and enjoy poker even more!

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Guide to Winning Poker Hands

Not sure what cards you have? Then, it’s clear – you must take a break and document yourself before playing for real money. No need to worry, though – take a glimpse down below and you’ll find out how to decide whether to fold ’em or hold’em.

1.  Ace-Ace

Ace-Ace, also known as the Pocket Aces, is the best Hold’em poker hand. In fact, both Pocket Aces and Poket Kings are great to have! Statistics actually point out that you are likely going to get a pair of Aces or Kings once in every 110 times. So, feel lucky next time…

2.  King-King

King-King is the second best hand, but it’s still really good and can win you large pots. This hand is also known as Two Kings or “cowboys”; only a pair of Aces is better! Taking this into consideration, be careful when an Ace falls on the flop, you might lose to anyone who has an Ace in their starting hand.

3.  Queen-Queen

The ladies, or Pocket ladies, are the 3rd best Hold’em hand. Kings and Aces will beat them, but two Queens still have the upper hand on jacks and below. You can get a pair of Queens 1 in 220 hands. As some say, having Pocket ladies is like being in the middle – you are below the most important pairs but above the marginal pairs.

4.  Ace-King

Ace-King is one of the strongest hands, but the flop needs to work in your own favour. Why? Well, you need a pair of aces or kings to make sure you win this hand. Consequently, there is no wonder why so many state that this is one of those tricky poker hands.

5.  Jack-Jack

Two jacks as they are often called can get you in a winning situation 20% of the time. But, the flop might get you in a tricky situation if it shows a queen, king or ace. Otherwise, you should be confident you have a strong winning hand.

6.  Ace-Queen

Ace-Queen, when suited, is also a strong hand, with a 20% chance of winning. Nickname? Of course – the little slick! Experienced poker players say you need to raise pre-flop with this one, but only if you feel lucky!

7.  King-Queen

King-Queen, when suited, is another strong hand, but if an Ace falls on the board, you’re probably out of luck. The nicknames for this group are marriage or couple, and it is easy to see why.

8.  Ace-Jack

Ace-Jack is also called ajax or even blackjack. It can be played well, but you need luck this time.

9.  King-Jack

King-Jack is a good hand to play, especially later on, in the game. However, you can lose to any of the hands above, so you should fold to big raises. Don’t make that all too common mistake of playing no matter what cards you have, sometimes it is simply best to take one step back and reflect.

10.  Ace-Ten

Studying the entire list, you should know that this is the weakest hand of all. Even though, it is still a good hand taking into account that you have an Ace and you might hit a straight, try to see the situation from an objective point of view – chances are you might get unlucky too.

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