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What type of poker player are you?

Poker is not just a game of cards, it’s also a game of personalities, where characters influence game decisions. Whether you play online or live, this article will help you determine the style of your opponents and you’ll find it much easier to know how to play against them. So what type of poker player are you?

Observing your opponents and studying their moves can actually give you an edge over your competition. Understand why some raise while other call… Let’s uncover some of the most common characteristics of the top 5 types of poker players.

Top 5 poker player styles

  • Mr/Mrs. Noob

You can easily recognize a Noob. He/she is that exact type of poker player that you can spot from miles away. He/she is willing to risk everything and has a chaotic game style. They have no boundaries and no know-how at all. They often make mistakes and express themselves greatly! Moreover, as much as they try to mask their feelings you can spot small gestures that betray their inner emotions. They play almost every hand and they overestimate their skills.

  • Mr/Mrs. Ambitious

poker player typesHaving an Ambitious Player by your side at the table can make things harder for you. They are experienced players who are trying their best to make a profit and gain some easy money. You can hardly read their body language and if we’re talking about online poker then things get even more difficult. The Ambitious Players are always looking to improve their strategy and  are also in search of any hint that might lead them to success. They usually get to play poker at a professional level, they play poker ‘by the book’.

  • Mr/Mrs. Spender

They don’t care how much they spend, instead, they are much interested in getting that feeling of being self-content. The opinion of their friends really matter, so they want to be in the center of attention all the time.

They are not afraid to raise and to risk their chips. They are not patient people and do everything out of impulse. They can really be hard to read because they usually play every hand they have.

  • Mr/Mrs. Rock

They are also called the Nit. These players don’t take risks. They only play when they are almost certain they are going to win. They only play when they have Aces, Kings or Queens. When you spot a Rock raising or playing aggressively you can be almost certain they have something good.

They are usually shy persons who are patient and wait for their glory to come. Also the Rock prefers to let others raise and put their cards at risks. They like to observe and make their moves only when positive about winning.

  • Mr/Mrs. Aggressive

The Aggressive poker player raises more than he/she calls. He/she loves this game, but suffers greatly when losing, and they do tend to lose a lot. They don’t spend a lot of time preparing or thinking about their game strategy, they only play for fun and they usually test their opponents. What’s more, they use their chips as weapons and they like keeping their opponents under pressure. They always like to be under control of the situation.

Knowing the most important types of poker players can really help you take the best decision when playing against them. Try to observe your opponents and study their moves; this will dictate the best strategy to take you to a safe win. Fingers crossed!

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